Muck Spreader get in your head and refuse to leave with ‘A Place The Birds Won’t Sing’

Late Tom Waits meets Black Sabbath. Then those Sebastian Murphy vocals come in and we enter a new level of wild.

The latest single from Muck Spreader is, without doubt, a tough listen. Melting together a mix of influences so eclectic its hard to say whether one is listening to post-punk, sludge-metal-jazz, or if there was something suspect in that drink I just had. Even though it’s hard to understand the lyrics at first I’m pretty sure there is definitely something horrible happening. Then comes the carnal howl, “I want you to choke the life out of me” and something, somewhere, falls into place (like a guillotine, a thousand shards of glass, or the last shovelful of dirt) and Muck Spreader are inside your head, and they are here to stay.

A stroke of genius was to collaborate with Laurie Vincent, of Slaves, on a remix released the same day. If there was any way the song could get more carnal this was it, even listening to it now I cannot help feel a sense of fear that some ungodly animal is fighting to tear its way out from my speakers.

From: London
For fans of: Viagra Boys, Black Sabbath, Tom Waits
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