Clarence Oddbody – The Lockdown EP

Simple, lo-fi, feel good rock!

Winter is nearing it’s end; the sun hangs in a clear blue sky, and a cold wind makes pin pricks of the hairs on my arms throughout my morning walk. Long summer days are in sight and the smell of grass is almost in the air,. The soundtrack to my walk? Clarence Oddbody’s Lockdown EP.

A first for the band, this EP was not recorded live. On account of the lockdown each musician recorded their parts separately, some with professional microphones, others simply using their phones. The result is simple, lo-fi, feel good rock; a nest of re-imagined songs from Clarence Oddbody’s back catalogue. Bend and Break especially takes on a new meaning after the year we have had.

“How far can I bend before I break”

Clarence Oddbody throw in a completely new track for good measure, the 80s new-wave-styled Up And Answer. Here is a song brimming with potential, and one we cannot wait to hear recorded in the studio. The band have never been one to shy away from their old school influences, in fact, the band’s lead singer, “we’re not doing anything new”. True as that may be there is no denying their own relaxed restyling of classic 80s rock and roll is just the mood we need right now, as well as proof that even in lockdown we have not been without good music.

From: London
For fans off: Chris Bell, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac
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