DXTA and the full gale force of Windy City

Nearly two years ago, while scouring the internet for new music, I stumbled upon DXTA in the form of a live session and was immediately blown away by their raucous blues riffage, humorous story-telling lyrics, and wild post-punk energy.

Obviously I had to get DXTA up to London to play a gig, where they delivered one of the most high energy stage shows I had ever seen. Now, after all this time, DXTA have finally released the song that started it all, Windy City.

Of all the songs DXTA have put out, Windy City encapsulates the energy of their live show best, proving that, even when blasting through tinny computer speakers, this band can get every foot stomping, mouth screaming, and head banging within seconds. Just in the nick of time too, before the release of Windy City I had just about decided 2020 was doomed to end on a low note. As it happens DXTA provided the perfect music injection to coast on into the New Year.

From: Southampton
For fans of: Canned Heat, Deadletter, Arctic Monkeys
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp

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