Almost Lost: The new single from Animal Breakdown

London indie-trio team up with metal producer Wynter Prior, famed for his work with Brighton based AudioBeach, for their fourth studio track, Almost Lost.

Perhaps thisis why a band previously described by us as being reminiscent of The Killers have taken such a dark turn. Is it that dirty, fuzz-driven bassline, or the far reaching echo that curls around every lyric? Whatever it is, from the first note of Almost Lost we know something is very wrong.

It is a sentiment confirmed by the wail, like that of some great but despairing beast echoing down from the mountaintops, that cries from the understated guitars. Yet such dissonance washes away under the warmth of the chorus, as Animal Breakdown reassure us that the sound of the beast is just that, a sound. While the unhinged world the narrator sees surrounds him on all sides it is perhaps only time before he too realises he is seeing place between nightmares and dreams and that the façade will fall away come daylight.

Almost Lost is out on the 13th of November, pre-save here.

It’s real, I know its purity, I know that we’re the same

Almost Lost – Animal Breakdown

From: London
For fans of: The Killers, The Buzzcocks, The Replacements
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