Say Yes Do Nothing: Hum of the Hidden Machine single review

“I am an American, and with all that is at stake in the upcoming US presidential election, especially the risk of reversing the US Supreme Court’s decision protecting legal abortions, the choice to vote and save reproductive rights is more important than ever.”

David Eastman

No stranger to the big topics, London based Americana blues band Say Yes Do Nothing bring us a painfully true story which not only echoes the personal experiences of singer David Eastman but those of many people the world over.

Nostalgic in sound and honest in lyrics, the story carries like the wind along city streets, under old newspapers thrown up by passing cars, and straight to the heart. Hum of the hidden Machine is above all else visual, the waiting room of this clinic and the expression on the face of the narrator’s girlfriend described in such detail one can feel the cold, sterile air of the very room, feel the doubt that must have been running through both their heads. So beautifully written is this song that one cannot help but keep listening, despite the melancholy which could become unbearable in clumsier hands.

As Eastman says himself, we cannot shy away from such topics as these, they are more important now than ever and such songs as this serve to highlight just how important the say of every individual is.

From: London
For fans of: Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Willie Nelson
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