King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and their microtones

They released five albums in 2017 alone, in 2019 delved into thrash territory with Infest The Rats Nest, to followed that came two live albums, and now, at last, we have more studio magic coming our way as this band journey back to their Flying Microtonal Banana days to bring us Automation.

If you are new to this Aussie genre-bending sextet then you may wonder what Flying Microtonal Banana is? It is the band’s ninth studio album, well known for its exploration of notes going beyond what one can find on your regular piano or fretboard, in other words, microtones! Think of them as the notes between notes.

Given the album’s success, charting at 2 in Australia, 10 in the USA, and 11 in the UK, it was only a matter of time before the band gave us some more microtonal magic and we have been eagerly waiting ever since. Of course, our first taste came with the release of Honey back in July and we immediately knew this album would be groove-heavy, not compromising in danceable rhythms in its exploration of surreal sounds. Then they gave us Straws in the Wind and Some of Us and we knew there would be no less of that King Gizz mind-warping weirdness either. Automation is the best of both. A microtonal riff, heavier than that of Honey, with Stu Mackenzie‘s post-apocalyptic narration coasting along the surface. It is, at its core, a cyberpunk track, painting images of red lights spelling warning across the sky and lonely travellers wandering aimlessly across a silver screened wasteland, on ozone layer of wires criss-crossing overhead.

Such a prolific band, only getting better with each release, what we have to go on thus far suggests we may be in for their strongest album yet.

From: Australia
For fans of: Hawkwind, Psychadelic Porn Crumpets, Ty Segall
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