Night Garden: Nostalgia, freedom, and darkness from Animal Breakdown

It is a warm May morning, the world is in lockdown and eyes grow bloodshot as the computer screen becomes a more familiar light than the rising sun. Animal Breakdown send through their new single and the perfect soundtrack is provided for fantasy tinged memories of misadventures through winding city streets.

Uplifting yet wistful from the first second, Night Garden encapsulates the band’s own style of ‘unhinged nostalgia’. Through ambient guitar lines, lyrics bubbling with nightlife intrigue and a constant evolution of harmonies and layers Animal Breakdown have created a story balancing on a cliff edge to reveal the fine line between hopelessness and optimism.
Dark rooms, lipstick, musky perfume, a dance under blue neon lights, a mysterious haze, the wrong side of danger and the right side of surprises; all so easy to glamorise from our cocooned states but in truth a closer representation of the dingy hostel where the London based indie-rock group recorded the track.

By the end Night Garden has the power of a howl at a smog-cloaked moon and twice the beauty, an all encompassing melancholy tale reminding us how glamorised certain encounters can be in our mind’s eye, only for the reality to be tinged with fear and regret.

Night Garden is out on the 29th of May, presave here.

From: London
For fans of: The Killers, Desperate Journalist, The Replacements
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp

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