Fontaines DC give the first taste of their new album

Our first taste of the Fontaines DC follow up to their 2019 debut ‘Dogrel‘ comes in the form of a mantra “Life ain’t always empty” as the Irish post-punk group drop the title track ‘A Hero’s Death

The drums from the single tick away like a time bomb on a dance floor as a repeating, shifting guitar line underneath creates a never resolving tension. All this accompanies a sermon to seize every opportunity life throws our way and take the time to enjoy every moment.
While the song contains an uplifting message the accompanying video, featuring melting faces, puppets and Aiden Gillen, gives a haunting feel as a chat show host relives the same scenes over and over again while his world grows distorted and nightmarish around him.

Is A Hero’s Death solace from a storm or just the eye of it? We can only judge when the rest of the album is released on the 31st of July. In the meantime lets hope for more singles.

“Buy yourself a flower every hundredth hour, let your hair down from your lonely tower”

Fontaines DC

Pre-save A Hero’s Death here.

From: Dublin
For fans of: Girl Band, The Murder Capital, Shame
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