Vanity: NO:IR keep Nu-metal alive and kicking

Never before have fear and narcissism rubbed so close as in the third release from evolutionary Nu-metal band NO:IR.

As with their previous singles, Hive and Erase:me, the Bristol group have combined elements of Hip Hop and Heavy Metal in a reimagining of the 90s sound pioneered by White Zombie, Lincoln Park and Rage Against The Machine. This time however NO:IR have gone in a darker direction to create something a step away from Lincoln Park and closer to Faith No More on a bad trip. Vanity instils a bubbling sense of unease from the very beginning, drifting through a feeling of melancholy, before a descent into the depths of deluded narcissism draws the track to a violent and self-destructive conclusion. This song grows like a tsunami, the guitars knowing when to hold back during the verses and let the sharp, biting lyrics take centre stage, waiting until the chorus to let the full force of those gnarly tones hit the listener with their full tidal wave force.

While all bands are a sum of heroes which came before only those who evolve on these inspirations go on to be great. In Vanity we see NO:IR do just that, creating a sound firmly embedded in the modern world whilst allowing their 90s influence to shine through.

“Watch as I light up in smoke / Kill everyone at the show / Striking the match I’ll ignite and explode”


From: Bristol
For fans of: Faith no more, Lincoln Park, White Zombie
Facebook and Instagram handle: thebandnoir

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