EP Review: Felicia and the Gammon Lumpz – Twisted Fruit

When a band’s debut video manages to get taken down from every streaming site except Pornhub it is hard to predict what will follow.

With the release of ‘Twisted Fruit‘ Yorkshire based nu-punks Felicia and The Gammon Lumpz prove they are not only still capable of taking us on a dark and eerie journey through the sewers of punk rock but that they can do it alongside damning social commentary.

The EP kicks off with Pathetic Twisted Fruit and the sense of paranoia is instantaneous. A macabre take on what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, the song grows like a disease over rotting flesh; beginning with a voice crawling inside the ear and running its fingers through the brain, and leading to an insidious climax as the abused becomes the abuser. A strong opening track which not only gives a warning to those who kick the dog when it’s down but allows us to see Felicia for what she is; sentinel, a ghoul, a bastion of rage.

“Are you gonna squeel little piggy?”

Felicia Lumpz

Next comes Gammon Lumps, bringing with it a guitar riff that could come from both an 80s underground sex club and a holiday on Shutter Island. Over the top come lyrics as cynical as something by from Matt Johnson. Drifting through the haze come twisted images of drooling politicians, faces melting in the heat of red lights, eyes sunk back like snails clinging to cave walls. Names like Rupert Murdoch and Yaxley Lennon getting thrown in alongside the infamous rape scene from Deliverance make this the most visceral song on the EP.

The band close with the more industrial sound of She Who Thirsts, a damning indictment of modern sofa culture and those who let life pass them by, not missing the chance to trash Love Island along the way.
So far this is the only song to be accompanied by a video, one made in complete lockdown. Instead of the memes, emoticons and dildos of Felicia’s earlier videos, one can expect a montage of fans and fellow rockers who contributed clips from isolation, each one providing an insight into who these people are as Felicia croons, “Takes something special inside to do what we do”.

While the delivery is dark and dystopian the real message of this song is one of self love. It’s a theme prevalent throughout the whole of Twisted Fruit; freedom of expression, determination and ultimately self belief. This marriage of the sepulchral and life affirming makes it had to pinpoint one emotional reaction to this music, but impossible to resist wanting more.
Twisted Fruit can be found in its entirety on both Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

From: Yorkshire

For fans of: Marylin Manson, The The, Rob Zombie

Facebook handle: GammonLumpz

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