Upside Down: A groovy as hell debut from The Ramshackles

What do you get when you cross Mod guitars with a bass line you could hang your hat on? The Ramshackles first single.

For a song to capture post-punk, funk and alternative rock within the first twenty seconds of hitting play is no small feat but there is simply no other way to describe the opening to Upside Down. This is a song that dazzles and disorientates in equal measure, a cocoon of instrumental virtuosity and complex songwriting resulting in what can only be described as organised chaos.

Amidst it all the storytelling shines through as Tara’s singing brings forward the all too relatable feeling of trying to see sense in a constantly unstable world. Her seraphim tones grapple together the tectonic shifts happening around her while the tide pulls further out to sea.

“It’s hard to see the bright side when life’s pulling you down but I’m gonna find a way to turn this around”

The Ramshackles

Soon we are left drifting through an aural landscape brimming with suspense and intrigue. Guitars reverberate, seemingly from inside the head, while that rattling bass groove, once a point of stability, now shakes the bones to their core. The instruments drift, flow, interlock, beckoning us forward through one more verse before finally launching into a kaleidoscopic climax, conjuring images of a New York underground night club from the 1970s while never loosing that characteristic modern funk that is The Ramshackles. Ultimately we are left with the sound of a band on the way up and we can only wait and see what they do next.

From: London
For fans of: Blondie, The Stooges, The Cardigans
Facebook and Instagram handle: theramshacklesband & the_ramshackles

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