Music from this month – January’s bands

This is a new thing we’re doing, if you came to any of our shows this month and are wondering where you can find music from those bands then this is your place! Here you can find links to music from any act who gigged with us, organised beautifully and alphabetically (because we’re smart like that).

Aftershock: Spotify

Black Gabanza: Spotify, Youtube

Clarence Oddbody: Spotify

Clockwork Sky: Spotify, Youtube

Delevators: Soundcloud

Far From Refuge: Spotify, Youtube

Forestlights: Spotify, YouTube

Grey Brain: Spotify, Youtube

Inferno Noir: Spotify

Les Gobelins: Spotify, Soundcloud

Raw Medicine: Spotify, Youtube

Rough Stone: Spotify, YouTube


That’s all for January, a big thank you to all the bands for making it a smashing start to the year! If any of you have other links you would like included them fire them over!

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