Welcome to the Madhouse: An Introduction To By The Freaks

Here we are, finally after a year of organising shows throughout London we finally have a page for you to keep up to date on all Freaks related events! You may be new to By The Freaks so allow us to fill you in:

We are a London based promoter with a DIY attitude and the goal of bringing under the radar talent into the spotlight. We work with a variety of venues in different sizes and locations across the city so feel free to get in touch if you fancy playing one of our nights, if you’re a venue looking to put on shows, or if you fancy collaborating in any other fashion. That said, I’m always around at our gigs so your best bet is to come over and introduce yourself.

On this website you can expect to find out about all of our events as well as the occasional review (if you’re a musician send anything our way, we’re always up for hearing new music). Be sure to subscribe for regular updates if you don’t want to miss a thing. In the meantime, we shall see you on the scene!

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